how we know what’s going on Earth

Share our Knowledge to live in earth,japan with earthquake,natural disaster.
omen of big earthquake in japan
Sounds of Electronics,animals,nature,sensitive human
(Electromagnetic wave,Geomagnetic.)

and Sky,Cloud,Moon…

⇨check humen’s real voice(in japanese)

⇨trust your Intuition,feeling


If it’s happened


⇨make sure to enjoy at that time.feel earth. we can’t do anything.we are nothing.

be safe your head during shaking.Be calm. and check news,especially about tsunami.


What you can do

⇨be calm and make good friends around you.

study japanese language

“tasukete” is “help me”

“itai” is “painful”

“Nigero! “or “Nigete!” is “run away!”

“daijobu” is “I am okay”

“daijobu?” is “Are you okay?”


What you can do to prepare for natural disaster


↑a lot of information…. L0l


How we can improve our sense of human

⇨be artist 🙂


What some japanese people wish… nowadays is

destroy tokyo city by earthquake… L0l

i understand….

Nowadays there is a lot of natural disaster in japan.

we sometimes become weak.

but we help each other anytime to be strong.

Help to get our happiness and peace.


Hope this post will be helpful for foreigners to enjoy staying in japan.












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