Find multicultural place in tokyo.日本語教師を目指している

Love multicultural place!!

before I knew just japanese society and japanese culture in tokyo.

After I came back from overseas,

and when i was in melbourne(AUS),

I’ve been thinking where is the multicultural place in tokyo.

Then I find it.


“Japanese language school”


That’s multicultural.


That’s I wanted to be and I should be.


So I decide to become japanese teacher.

and japanese culture guide(instructor,facilitator,educator)


possible to stay multicultural place.


also I keep play the drums, and make music too.

actually it’s possible way to keep music work and japanese teacher.

and If i want to go to abroad,i can go to.(but not freedom like musician)


when i teach something,

I don’t like to be called “kana Sensei”(means teacher Kana)


that’s like team mate.

that’s like friend.


create happy time with people from all over the world.

that’s like live music.

don’t you think so?



I am studying to become a teacher.

must finish to study for 420 hours ,even i am native speaker

that is decided by fu*kin government.


Of course I will finish it.

and make the most creative class.


for example making CM(commercial video), making short movie…etc


It’s gonna be fun!!


When I come back to tokyo,I was disappointment in japanese society…

but could find way to be in,and already started a new action.


Last of all,

I’d like to thank you all for your help.

I keep to write about my life here.

Please looking forward to read this blog,what happens next…




Oh! I’d like to inform a big news!

releasing the film that my uncle write original story in march in japan!!

(Sorry it’s only japanese )












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