About “Ray” (Film)

Let me tell you about on English movie I saw “Ray “.


It’s a biography of  Ray Charles film.

It was released in 2004. The film directed by Taylor Hackford.

Leading actor is Jamie Foxx ,

He received Academy Award for Best Actor in this film. He is the very image of Ray. Ray sad “You are a successor of mine” And, it received Academy Award for Sound Mixing.

The reason I chose it because I liked Ray Charles’s songs ,but I didn’t know the particulars.

He succeed as a singer & pianist , though he was blind eyes. But behind it, he had more than his fair share of trouble. The light and shadow of real world is expressed in this.

And I could know the roots of Ray & American music & soul,R&B,,,,and more.

Ray was born in 1930 in Albany,Georgia.

He had trauma that his brother drowned . He didn’t save his brother in front of him.

After nine month , he lost his eyes. Ray’s mother told them her son was blind, not stupid, and he must continue to learn to do things, not only for himself, but for others as well. I was impressed parents’ love.

At 15 years old, Ray Charles was an orphan, but he still managed to make his way in this world under very trying conditions; living in the South and being of African-American heritage, plus being blind and an orphan.Instead he continued his education in St. Augustine, at Florida’s State School for the Deaf and Blind. A few years later, Ray decided to move. His choice was Seattle, Washington. It was in Seattle that Ray recorded his first record. It was also in Seattle that the seed was planted for a lifelong friendship with Quincy Jones. Then It started a musican life.

Ray was hopeless case. He made big money, but lead a desperate life. It’s very vivid.

Also, I could understood a situation of the American music scene. A record company is a contractual society. Ray ,especially, had a good ear for music, he was asked to do from many people as a professional baseball player.There were some people cheated him out of his money. He has always took a ten-dollar bill.

He was batrayed them,but he play his music,never give up.

Ray hate to be treated goods, so he was under contract to record company that he had the right of oridinal record , It’s the best contract for him.

At first, he played to imitate well known songs. It’s not music for himself.

But he meets many people,makes songs with them , his music was born.

Ray Charles died at 73 years old on June 10, 2004, two months before the release of his final album “Genius Loves Company”, which sold over 5 million copies earning 8 Grammys, including Album of the Year and Record of the Year and 4 months before the release of his Academy Award winning feature film Ray, portraying his life and career. Not only was the film critically acclaimed, but it earned more than $125 million worldwide and landed Jamie Foxx an Academy Award for Best Actor.

In 1986, Mr. Charles created what is now known as The Ray Charles Foundation which is dedicated to providing support in the area of hearing disorders and the empowerment of young people through education by offering support to educational institutions and non-profit education programs. The vision of The Ray Charles Foundation is to instill in the youth of America that “there is no challenge too great one cannot overcome.”

I learnd a lot from this movie.



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